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0083 - Interview with ALI DAMRON: All about SLEEP - PLUS strategies for SHIFT WORKERS + NEW MAMAS

August 5, 2019

Ali Damron is a wife, mother to two little boys, a licensed acupuncturist and a personal trainer.  Over the past eight years, she's ran her own successful private practice as an acupuncturist. Over the last three years, Ali has taken her message to the online platform to be able to reach more people by the day.  She specializes in women’s health including hormonal health, mindset, anxiety, and sleep.  

In today's podcast episode:

  • The 2 MOST COMMON REASONS women are having so much trouble going to sleep & staying asleep
  • Strategies to improve sleep with ZERO EFFORT
  • How to OPTIMIZE your night time routine 
  • What to EAT to SUPPORT the BEST SLEEP
  • Strategies for SHIFT WORKERS 
  • Strategies for NEW MOMS
  • Should you EXERCISE before BED?
  • When we don’t get enough sleep, what are the SIDE EFFECTS?
  • SYMPTOMS that may indicate a HORMONAL IMBALANCE
  • Common mistakes people make with their SLEEP

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