Transform Your Life Podcast

004 - Interview with Sierra Botkin: Plant Based Eating & Vegan Bodybuilding

November 30, 2017

Today's episode is an interview with the inspiring Sierra Botkin all about plant based eating & vegan bodybuilding. 

Time Stamps: 

4:17 - What led you to the vegan lifestyle?

5:52 - What does a typical day of eating look like for you? 

9:17 - What are the common myths & misconceptions surrounding veganism? 

14:11 - What are the benefits of plant based eating? 

16:03 - What are the challenges and struggles of this lifestyle? 

20:35 - What tips would you give to somebody who is getting started with plant based eating? 

28:24 - What are your favourite vegan food companies? 

31:32 - Do you have any tips on how non-vegans can integrate more plants into their diet? 

33:29 - Is vegan bodybuilding possible? 

38:39 - Are there any tools or books that have helped you along on your journey? 

42:45 - What advice would you give to somebody that's just getting started on their fitness journey? 



You can connect with Sierra on Instagram @UNIFITDIARY