Transform Your Life Podcast

003 - Interview with Ivory Vanveen: How to Have More Self Love

November 23, 2017

Today's episode is an interview with Ivory VanVeen all about how to have more self-love. 

Time Stamps: 

7:04 - What advice would you give to somebody who is having a hard time looking in the mirror and seeing themselves in a positive light?

10:35 - How have yoga & meditation transformed your life? 

14:09 - How did traveling the world transform you into the person you are today? 

17:56 - How do you find the will power to stick it out during difficult times? 

22:05 - Why is self love so important? 

24:30 - Are they any books that have helped you with your self-love journey? 

28:19 - How to get started with meditation 

31:02 - How to have self love when you don't like the number on the scale

To connect with Ivory, you can email her at OR find her on Facebook 

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