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0018 - Interview with Naturopathic Dr. David Miller: How to OPTIMIZE GUT HEALTH & deal with BLOATING + CONSTIPATION

March 15, 2018

Dr. David Miller is a Naturopathic Doctor in his 10th year of clinical practice. He blends traditional methods with new research-based approaches. He strives with every fibre of his being to help you reach your total health goals in the most efficient, effective, and empowering ways possible. David's focus is on digestion and the gut-brain connection. He believes that through optimizing the gut-brain connection we can foster overall health and resilience that will benefit every one of us, regardless of what condition we may have. 


In today's episode...
- What is naturopathic medicine
- How David used homeopathy to cure his mom's fibromyalgia sytems & his colitis 
- What is the gut-brain connection
- Why is gut health so important
- How to optimize gut health
- Strategies to deal with constipation & bloating
- Discussion about the use of apple cider vinegar
- How & why to do an elimination diet
- How to determine if a food is good for your system or not 
- Supplements to optimize gut health
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