Transform Your Life Podcast

0011 - Interview with Paul Revelia - Q & A with MY COACH

January 25, 2018

Today’s episode is a Q&A with my coach, Paul Revelia. Paul is a drug free professional bodybuilder who has been training in the gym for over 2 decades. He's the owner of Pro Physique, an expert in the fitness industry and just a really smart dude! He also has a kick-ass YOUTUBE CHANNEL with high quality content and multiple videos each week. Paul co-hosts REDEFINE HEALTHY RADIO which you all need to go check out for up to date info about training, nutrition and health. 

Time Stamps: 

5:44 - How do you balance being a coach, competitor, dad and partner? 

9:58 - What are your thoughts on off season cardio for a person who is looking to put on size and strength? 

13:40 - What steps should somebody take ahead of time to set their competition prep season up for success? 

17:45 - What qualities do you see in your most successful athletes? 

21:10 - As a young person in the gym, I always thought more was better. Now I know that's not that the case. Would you recommend that I go from over training down to 3-4 days per week or to slowly taper back the volume? 

25:05 - How often should I be training a lagging muscle that doesn't seem to grow? 

26:22 - What's an acceptable rate of weight gain during a build? 

31:27 - How do you personally deal with hunger, energy, irritability and lack of sex drive during a competition prep? 

39:17 - I know that you're possibly planning to compete this year. What's drawn you back to the sport? 

44:15 - What projects are you currently working on? 

48:32 - How would you like to be remembered?