Transform Your Life Podcast

0010 - How to Eat Healthy on the Go

January 18, 2018

Today's episode covers how to stay on track when eating out, while traveling & when life is busy. 

Time Stamps: 

1:25 - Why the healthiest option isn't always the best choice

4:18 - Best choices at Starbucks

6:00 - My go-tos at Subway

8:00 - Best choices at MacDonalds

9:49 - My go-tos at Tim Hortons

10:42 - What to look for when looking at nutrition facts when fat loss is your goal

15:52 - What to pack or grab on the go while travelling

20:42 - How to doeal with pressure from other people who are making choices that don't align with your goals

22:20 - How to shift your mentality surrounding eating out so that you can escape the all or nothing mentality

24:10 - A new project that I'm starting in 3 weeks