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Spring Cleaning: How to De-Clutter and Purge What No Longer Brings You Joy

April 22, 2021

"Your home is your sanctuary – it houses your spark-joy objects and supports you by keeping you safe. Dedicating time to express gratitude for your home is a powerful act that will heighten your sensitivity to joy and remove energy and objects that no longer serve you." 


In this week's episode, we talk about power outfits, spring cleaning and how to de-clutter and purge what no longer brings you joy. 


In today's podcast episode: 

  • Vibration and Power Outfits (0:18)
  • Ange’s power outfit (1:00)
  • What makes a power outfit? (3:07)
  • How clothes represent what we are feeling (4:20)
  • How we get in our heads about “mom” clothes (5:19)
  • What to do with clothes gifted to you that you don’t LOVE (8:48)
  • Why is it hard to let go of clothes we have bought and how to release the guilt of letting them go (10:00)
  • Having things just to “have things” - what to do with collectables from childhood (12:48)
  • Ange’s tip on seeing what clothes you DO and DON’T wear (16:30)
  • Letting go of baby clothes (17:30)
  • Ashley’s tip for donating clothes and letting go of sentimental attachments (19:20)
  • How to Spring clean your kids’ toys (22:10)
  • How space in our environment creates calm (27:08)
  • Why routine and clarity reduces anxiety in kids (26:48)
  • The invitation to set our kids up for success (31:11)
  • How structure allows our kids to be flexible (32:30)
  • Being rigid vs being consistent (33:20)
  • How to get your kids to talk about what they did at school (35:11)
  • Key action item to begin Spring cleaning (43:20)
  • How to tackle cleaning systematically – two approaches (47:22)
  • The more you purge, the MORE you purge (52:10)
  • What to do with lotions and hair products (52:30)
  • Making a deal with yourself (54:34)
  • What does your home and space say about you (55:09)
  • Then and now – how Ange went to messy to tidy (59:00)
  • Seasons of life and having compassion for yourself wherever you are (65:57)

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