Transform Your Life Podcast

Recharging Your Soul + How to Set Boundaries

April 1, 2021

In this week's episode, we talk about recharging your soul and how to set boundaries. 

In today's podcast episode: 

  • How sunshine can recharge your soul (4:20)
  • What lights you up right now – Ashley (5:04)
  • What lights you up right now – Ange (6:34)
  • How to find the recharge within you (6:50)
  • What is the difference between internal recharge and external recharge? (8:27)
  • Are you relying on impermanent things to fill your soul? (10:32)
  • What people do you feel completely safe and open with? (12:00)
  • Who, What, Where and When is your soul lit up (13:15)
  • When, during the day do you feel most alive? (19:10)
  • Is every single person meant to be changing the world? (21:35)
  • Can I still feel lit up and do something I don’t like? (25:22)
  • What to do if your soul is NOT on fire (26:30)
  • How to create boundaries (29:05)
  • When to create a boundary and how to deal with the push back (29:56)
  • Ashley’s experience with boundary setting and facing the challenges of that (31:45)
  • How to have difficult conversations with boundary setting – the importance of knowing what lights you up and WHY (36:10)
  • Ange’s experience with creating work boundaries (39:34)
  • How boundaries allow us to meet others’ expectations and eventually create comfort (43:35)
  • Ripping off the band aid and just DOING it – the messiness, discomfort and ever-changing aspects of boundaries
  • What to do when you have breached someone else’s boundaries (48:06)
  • How to not take someone else’s boundaries personally (51:00)
  • Why boundaries and transition times are important for kids (52:35)
  • How to have courage when setting boundaries (55:36)
  • How to overcome the inner battle of “picking up the slack” (56:31)
  • We teach people how to treat us (59:30)
  • Why teaching kids to create clear boundaries for themselves is impactful (60:40)

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