Transform Your Life Podcast


September 20, 2018

Carolyn is a mother of 3 children, a 12 year old daughter and 9 year old boy/girl twins.  She’s been passionate about training since her senior year of high school but level of participation and motivation suffered in the early years of motherhood.  Working full time and having 3 young kids, she admits that she did not make time for herself a priority. After a few crazy years and suffering health as a result, Carolyn decided to reclaim this part of her life that she greatly missed.  She got back into the swing of things slowly in 2011 and finally achieved one of her life goals of competing in 2014.

Since then she has never looked back and continued training hard and competing every 2 years.  Carolyn now has 3 seasons under her belt and has grown in so many ways from the sport of bodybuilding.  She continues to do the best she can to juggle being a mother, wife, school based therapist and amateur bodybuilder.

Today's episode covers:

  • Tips for juggling being a working mom
  • How to let go of "the mommy guilt"
  • What to prepare the night before to make mornings go smoothly
  • How we meal prep for the week
  • Our top strategies for organization
  • How to schedule "ME TIME"
  • How to include your kids in your health journey
  • How to handle tough conversations about "contest prep" with your kids

You can connect with Carolyn on INSTAGRAM @cdudek_