Transform Your Life Podcast

007 - How to Build a Successful Online Coaching Business

December 21, 2017

Today's episode covers all of the systems & strategies that took me from a recovering addict to a successful 6 figure online coaching business. 

Time Stamps: 

1:10 - The initial personal training & nutrition certifications that I took to get started 

3:50 - How I got started with online coaching 

6:22 - The app I use to create personalized training programs & keep clients organized

8:40 - The importance of building relationships of trust with your clients 

9:30 - The website I use for clients to "book" their appointments 

10:15 - The questions I ask my clients in our initial phone consultation

11:30 - The value of finding out the underlying reasons why your client wants to make changes 

21:00 - The value of finding out your client's insecurities 

23:10 - Methods of processing online payments

24:00 - Frequency & methods for coaching calls

24:45 - How & why I use My Fitness Pal for nutrition coaching

26:39 - The value of outlining the expectations of what you want from your client 

29:33 - How I use Google Calendar to manage my time 

31:54 - The additional courses & certifications that I recommend 

35:37 - The principles that I've built my business around

36:40 - The best marketing & advertising strategies in the online space

38:06 - Why you need to be a role model of the lifestyle you're promoting 

41:30 - How to become the best online coach possible

LINKS: - Online Personal Training Resource - Trainerize - Online Appointment Scheduler - Bellies Inc Certification - Precision Nutrition Certification - Darby Training Systems - Layne Norton - Eric Helms Muscle & Strength Pyramids - Mi40 Muscle Camps