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0053 - Interview with Thea Lapointe - TIGHT FASCIA + HOW it IMPACTS your ABILITY to MOVE, POSE + BUILD MUSCLE

November 22, 2018

Thea Lapointe has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) since 2010. Over the last several years, she has developed a strong reputation as a deep tissue RMT. She has a strong passion for assisting people in pursuit of pain management, rehabilitation and improvement of their overall health. Thea has taken additional courses focusing on deep tissue massage, fascial work and the Graston Technique. The combination of these skills prove to be very beneficial in facilitating and maintaining the optimal health of each and every client through Massage Therapy.

Thea is the owner and operator of "Lapointe Massage Therapy" in Southampton ON. Thea is consistently reminded by her clients that they can feel the passion that she has for her profession during their treatments.

Outside of work, you may find Thea enjoying the serenity of horseback riding, in a yoga class or scuba diving in our local waters.

Today’s episode...

  • What is fascia?
  • What is fascia build up/tight fascia?
  • How restricted fascial tissue can cause issues with movement, posing and muscle growth
  • Causes of tight fascia
  • How to break down build up at home
  • How often should you stretch 

Connect with Thea:

FACEBOOK: @lapointemassagetherapy

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