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0052 - Interview with Sara Fennell: How to BECOME a HIGH PERFORMER

November 15, 2018

Sara Fennell is a retired IFBB Pro figure athlete, International fitness & cover model, who has been named a Top 100 Internet Retailer for her fitness programs. She retired her 9-5, to go on and build a 6-figure fitness business in the online space and absolutely loves social media and the digital marketing world.

Her passion now, as the co-owner of PT Profits, is to help as many fitness professionals as possible grow their businesses, by enhancing their online presence.

You can find her over on her own podcast The Fulfillment Project, which has been rated Top 5 podcasts by iTunes.

In today's episode:  

  • High performance habits. What do high performers do differently? How do they think & make decisions? 
  • How to minimize distractions to get to your goal quicker
  • The #1 thing that will make the biggest difference in becoming a high performer
  • The biggest mistakes that are holding you back from success
  • How Sara uses carb back loading 
  • Signs of breast implant illness
  • Xenoestrogens and their impact on the body 

Connect with Sara: 

Instagram @sara.fennell 

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The Fulfillment Project Podcast -

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