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0050 - Interview with Ashley Grant: HOW to KNOW if you have BLOCKED CHAKRAS that ARE HOLDING YOU BACK from BEING FULLY YOU

October 25, 2018

Ashley Grant is a mom, wife, teacher, meditation enthusiast, and reiki master. She discovered her path as a healer after the birth of her son when she was struggling through an excruciating time of postpartum anxiety and obsessive thinking. Energy healing through reiki and chakra balancing brought things back in to focus and put her on the path to her truest calling and deepest passion – the healing of people through their souls. It took being in this place of emotional discomfort and pain for her to really step into her true essence and find her soul’s purpose. The road to true healing, authenticity and being your truest self is often a bumpy one, but it’s the most incredible and enlightening journey you will ever take. By stripping back the layers of pain – that being, the need for approval and validation, letting go of expectations, and doing what expanded her, she began to live a life full of depth, abundance, and incredible self-love. With this, she is able to show up in the world as herself, remain present, and not give a shit what anyone thinks.

In today's episode:


  • Ashley's struggle with post-partum anxiety
  • What are the chakras?
  • How do we know if a chakra is blocked?
  • What emotional + physical symptoms may you feel during a blockage?
  • How do we “unblock/balance” them?
  • How to show up authentically as YOURSELF
  • How to cope with high stress periods

You can connect with Ashley on

FACEBOOK @soulpurposeashleygrant

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