Transform Your Life Podcast

0036 - Interview with Samantha Sloan + Patrick Mabe: HOW to CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUPPLEMENTS to SUPPORT YOUR GOALS

July 19, 2018

Samantha Sloan and Patrick Mabe live in Ashburn, VA and are the Sales team for Core Nutritionals, ‘Merica Labz, and ‘Merica Energy. Patrick has been working in the supplement industry for 4 years. He started in retail with The Nutrition Corners, while Samantha just started working full time for the brands at the beginning of this year. They met in 2015 on Instagram when Patrick was living in Arlington and Samantha was living in Chicago. They are both professional natural bodybuilders and love living the CRUSH IT lifestyle day in and day out!

In today's episode:
- Does timing of supplementation matter? 
- Which supplements are best to take fasted, during a workout and after a workout? 
- How and why to use a glucose dispoal agent - (CORE LOAD)
- How and why to use bcaas - (CORE ABC'S)
- What to look for on a supplement label
- The biggest wastes of money in the supplement industry
- Do you need supplements to get to your goals? 
- How to choose a good protein powder for your goals

You can connect with SAM on instagram at @mrsmeatythighs and PATRICK on instagram @_meaty_thighs