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0032 - Interview with Jenna Smith: HOW to BECOME HAPPIER + RULE your UNIVERSE

June 21, 2018

Creator of the You are the Manual self- development program, Jenna Smith runs an international business via Coaching, Counseling and Shamanic Intuitive services including one on one sessions, group programs, live retreats and speaking.  Her mission is to reconnect people to their unshakeable center, where all authentic knowing lives. Through understanding and integrating how to use our mind, body, heart, and spirit intelligence systems, we can get out of the muck of confusion and into our truth, purpose, power and JOY. We come home.

In today's episode: 
- What are the first steps to coming into alignment with true authentic yourself? What exactly does that mean?
- Tools to become calm and centered
- Habits to become "happier" 
- Tools to make your mind work with you rather than against you
- How to integrate the mind, body, heart and spirit together
- Why transformation is "not sexy" and how the challenges prepare you for the "next level"
- How to rule your universe

Jenna's Program's 6 week Immersion Online Coaching and Community Live Shamanic Retreat in Nature - YOU are the Manual Online Self-Study Course
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