Transform Your Life Podcast

0019 - Interview with Sam Pitre: How to MAKE BETTER CHOICES

March 22, 2018

Sam Pitre is a 43 year old bad-ass mom of three boys - 18, 13 and 8.  A few short years ago (5 to be exact), her family was super concerned about the amount she smoked and her lack of exercise.  This prompted her to take up running, quit smoking and then she discovered crossfit. Sam started to get stronger, had more energy and had found a place to release stress in an awesome community of new friends.  The only thing missing was proper nutrition- that's when she met Ange. Ange became her nutrition coach & taught her how to effectively fuel her workouts and achieve her body composition goals.

Sam is now a crossfit L1 coach at NoDrama fitness in Kincardine, as well as an online nutrition coach for clients all over the world.  Helping people achieve their goals is her passion & she wants everybody to know that it's never too late! 

In today's episode...
- How Sam's kids & husband brought her to a "breaking point" 
- How "nutrition" is often the missing piece to seeing results in your body
- The easy habits + starting behaviours that you can introduce right now
- How to make "better choices"
- How to promote a healthy relationship with food
- Easy ways to get more protein
- Sam's favourite tools to use for nutrition
- The importance of taking inventory on how much you are eating
- A full day of eating for Sam
- How Sam got the entire family on board with CROSSFIT + HEALTHY EATING
- Getting started with crossfit
- How to handle negativity and judgement from other people on social media