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0015 - Interview with WBFF PRO Lisamarie Mandapat: THE HIGHS + LOWS of COMPETITION PREP plus the SEARCH FOR MODERATION

February 22, 2018
Lisamarie Mandapat is 25 years old and originally from Seattle, Washington. She has a Bachelors in English and a Master's degree in the Science of Educational Studies. She moved to Hawaii almost 4 years ago which is where her fitness journey began. 
She's done 2 competitions with the WBFF in the Fitness Category. Lisamarie received her pro card with the organization in June of 2016 and just showcased my best physique to date at my pro debut in Atlantic City this last December. 
Lisamarie runs an online coaching business specializing in strength training and weight loss that takes a very sustainable/maintainable approach to dieting and lifestyle changes in order to live a happy, healthy and well-balanced life while still reaching your fitness goals. 
***p.s. Her fav food is peanut butter... She says she could have it on ANYTHING. 

Lisamarie and I talk about..

- Why she decided to do her first competition
- The importance of building muscle before you step on stage
- The importance of having a healthy metabolism before you step on stage 
- What winning her pro card felt like 
- The best parts of prep 
- The worst parts of prep 
- The post-show recovery process
- The post-show struggles that not enough people talk about
- The struggle to find moderation
- High protein on-to-go snacks
- How to satisfy cravings for something sweet
For online coaching, you can email Lisamarie at